Food Allergies

Here at Beach House Bakery, we don't believe that anyone should be denied the opportunity to enjoy a sweet and tasty cupcake. We are therefore proud to be able to offer the majority of our cupcakes with alternative allergy-aware recipes. All of the flavours on our Cupcake Menu are clearly marked to show whether they are available with one or more of the following options:

Gluten Free Logo

Wheat & Gluten Free

We use Doves Farm Organic Wheat Free Flour for our Wheat and Gluten Free Cupcakes. It is a blend of Rice, Potato, Tapioca, Maize & Buckwheat flours and is the perfect substitute for wheat flour, allowing us to bake moist and fluffy gluten free cupcakes which are even suitable for coeliacs.

Dairy Free Logo

Dairy Free

For those of you who are lactose intolerant or who would prefer not to eat dairy products, we can bake our cupcakes using high-quality vegetable or sunflower oil based margarine instead of butter and can substitute soya milk for cows milk.

Egg Free Logo

Egg Free

If you can't eat eggs, it doesn't mean you can't eat cupcakes! Most of our cupcakes can be made using a special egg-free recipe, which still uses all-natural ingredients (no chemical egg substitutes!) and still tastes great!

Vegan Logo


Whilst all of our cupcakes are suitable for vegetarians, our Egg Free and Dairy Free recipes can be combined into a cupcake which is suitable for Vegans, containing no animal fats or dairy products whatsoever!

Tree Nuts and Peanuts

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to source ingredients that guarantee to be nut free. Ingredients such as our flour and chocolate will often carry a caveat that they are produced in a location where nuts are handled, or may contain traces of nut. However, unless the cupcake flavour specifically mentions nuts (i.e. Coffee & Walnut, Chocolate Hazelnut, Peanut Butter & Jelly etc.) we will not add nuts to a recipe. We abide by the latest food labelling guidance, thus our gift boxes are labeled to clearly indicate what kind of nuts (if any) are included in the recipe.