Chilli Chocolate

Bringing the Heat!

Taking it's cues from the Aztecs, who liked their chocolate a little spicy, this brownie is laced with Ancho chilli powder to give it a special warmth. The Ancho (a dried Poblano chilli) is selected for its slightly smoky warmth which compliments the chocolate perfectly. These brownies are so special, we dust them with gold lustre, as a tribute to their Aztec heritage!

A box of 12 brownies (all one flavour) is £16 or you can have a box of 18 and choose two flavours for £24. Delivery starts at £3 and is dependant on the Bristol or Bath postcode they are being delivered to. Order Now!

Our Brownies will be at their best for up to a week, stored in an airtight container. They contain eggs, dairy and wheat and cannot be guaranteed to be nut free.